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Thinking of changing to an all-electric home: would you really want to?

Dr Alan Jones, PhD, CEng, FIET. Independent Researcher 6 March 2024   Summary Achieving Net Zero places the insatiable demand for energy under the spotlight, especially energy derived from hydro-carbon sources.  Imagine a world where hydro-carbon based fuels no longer exist and are replaced instead by electricity, and particularly low-no carbon electricity from nuclear and renewables, especially wind and solar.   This paper takes a look at what that might mean for the typical UK household and what, if any, the scale of energy savings might be as well as the cost to the consumer.     The results are revealing – there is cause for hope for the climate, but the benefit does not necessarily translate into cost savings for the majority of end users due to structural issues with the domestic pricing of electricity in relation to gas and petrol.   1 Introduction This paper examines what it means for the average UK household, the type of household the Energy Regulator (Ofgem) cites when presen